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Successful college admission stories are one of Holly’s greatest joys in her job. Her clients can’t help share their thoughts too.

Hire Holly O’Brien – she’s great!
A parent


…in case [my daughter] hasn’t told you, she has 100% acceptance from all the schools she has heard from!  It wouldn’t have happened without your tremendous help.
A parent


Ms. O’Brien truly did change my essays from ordinary to extraordinary.  As soon as I saw the first edited essay, I could tell that Ms. O’Brien completely understands the college admissions process because of the way she changed the essays.  Not only that, but she knows how to make an essay flow and uses the perfect words for each sentence.  Ms. O’Brien also helped me change my resume to look much more professional and made sure the resume displayed my talents and awards to their full potential.  Ms. O’Brien has given me the best chance at going to my dream college.  It is very obvious that she has spent a lot of time researching and learning about the admissions process. 
A student now attending Columbia University


Holly worked with my senior at Prosper High School over the last couple months.  My wife and I had all but given up on believing that our student was going to attend any school other than a community college his first year.  Holly took the time to educate me on his chances of getting into one of the big Texas schools and came to our home to meet our son a few months ago.  Once we agreed to hire her (she is very reasonable with her flat rate pricing) Holly helped spearhead his online application, assisted him in writing three fabulous college essays and stood by his side in the overwhelming and daunting college application process!!!

Bottom line. She is an EXPERT In helping young men and women in reaching their potential and helping them get accepted to their top college choice.  I highly recommend her and will be using her again with my younger son who is a freshman and is now excited to follow in his older brother’s footsteps!!!

A parent


Holly, I wanted to let you know that (our son) got into UT! We are all blown away. As you know, both his mom and I are Longhorns, and we cannot tell you how much this means to us to know that (our son) will be carrying on this legacy. I know you worked really hard with (our son) and I am 100% convinced this would not have happened without your amazing teamwork. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Parents of non-top 10 % student accepted to University of Texas

How important is your child’s future? How much is that worth to you? My son has so much going for him. He’s smart, creative and very personable. The only problem is getting him motivated when it comes to getting excited about college. We know he definitely wants to go, but he always has something else that seems to be more important than working on essays, or reading about different colleges. it almost seems like mom and dad are more excited. Typical high schooler…

This is where Holly makes all the difference. We met Holly when our son was a junior in high school. Our first meeting at Holly’s place was very promising. We had already met with one of those “college helper” types. This guy could care less about our son and all his “special” characteristics. When we left him, my son was almost in tears. Meeting Holly was a breath of fresh air. She is so patient and encouraging. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what we would have done. The first thing she suggested was to look into a summer internship for that coming summer (before senior year). We would have never thought of that. She gave us so many ideas that we had never thought of. Just that alone was worth a ton. I could go on and on. She met with my son, helping him look at his email (which he normally ignores). Helped him with his essays (he has to write them, she just helps him to tweak it to make it stand out).

He is now a senior in HS. He has sent out 10 college application. His essays were outstanding. At this time he is 4 for the first 4. He has been accepted to UT (his backup school), Colorado College, CU Bolder, and the University of Virginia (very difficult school to get into). We just got a letter from them the other day inviting him to be in the Echols Scholars Program! We’re still waiting to hear from the remaining 6.

Holly is worth every penny you spend. We have even signed up our 14 year old. You can never start too soon. Don’t wait, your child is too important not to put them into Holly’s capable hands.

A parent


Holly, I wanted to let you know that I got into Baylor! Not only that but I got a $40,000 scholarship – wow!!! Thank you so much for your help. I could not have done this without you.

2016 senior student