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Having Holly assist your student during the college application process will help your student keep track of the many necessary details and will give you peace of mind during this important time.

Her experience and knowledge will provide your student with an excellent advantage. Here’s a list of some of the benefits you may encounter:

  • Facilitate family relations by reducing the parent/student stress
  • Design and maintain a program of courses and extracurricular activities that best reflects the student’s abilities as early as the 9th grade through their senior year.
  • Research and explore great college matches tailored to your student
  • Provide individual attention to every aspect of the student’s college admission process
  • Spot and highlight the student’s individual uniqueness to stand out from other applicants
  • Guide the student to the best path for reaching their college and career goals (starting as early as 9th grade)
  • Select stand-out essay topics targeted for the student’s top college choices
  • Advise on preparing an excellent selection of essays
  • Create a college application strategy to increase acceptance opportunities to the best-suited schools
  • Provide motivation and assist student in meeting upcoming deadlines
  • Practice and refine personal interview skills in one-on-one sessions
  • Assist with financial aid, if necessary
  • Give specialized tips on how to further stand out from thousands of other college applicants

Holly provides her services via e-mail, webcam or in person. She focuses on acceptance to the college that best suits your student’s wants and needs.

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