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Holly O’Brien is known as an Independent Educational Consultant, a College Admissions Consultant, and a College Application Strategist.

Her clients consider her to be the most successful college application coach in the country! This year, her students have already been offered over $500,000 in scholarships based on the excellence of their applications alone.

She is located in Dallas, Texas, and works with many students locally. She also provides help with college applications via email, video conferencing, and telephone to students located around the country. She is committed to providing outstanding college admissions assistance and college consulting to undergraduate and graduate students so that they can gain admission to their best fit college and to highly competitive universities.

Hollywood Career

She lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, and worked in Hollywood as a musician, singer and songwriter. She created commercial jingles, sang in studios, and even had her own band for a while. In her younger years, she worked in Las Vegas as a back-up singer for stars such as Bob Hope, Lionel Richie and others. In the late 1990’s she was a songwriter for the The Barney Show and composed many original songs.

Holly’s creative background and compelling experiences gave her the skills to understand how to present ability and talent in a unique way. She found these assets essential when she decided to pursue her next career.

Working on College Applications

Holly’s two sons provided her with an in-depth insight into the college application process. Like any other parent, she wanted to be helpful to her children, but found out the hard way how daunting it was.

When her oldest son began considering his college application process, she had no idea how to assist him. She started learning about it independently while simultaneously working with him from the end of his sophomore year. The result of their hard work was that her son  received an early acceptance and a full scholarship to Harvard University. After delighting in his success, she realized how much she enjoyed the whole process.

She began to work with her younger son beginning in the 8th grade; helping him focus in school and finding activities he could do in summer that were aligned with his interests. At college application time, he was accepted to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, University of Pennsylvania and Duke University. He even received an automatic admission to University of Texas, but he decided on Princeton where he had also been offered a full scholarship.

Independent Educational Consultant

Holly has helped hundreds of students reach their college application goals, both in her home town of Dallas, Texas, as well as all over the country. She uses her creative background and show business savvy alongside her expertise in college admissions consulting to help students stand out from the thousands of other college applicants.

While working with her sons, she realized just how much goes into a college application process. She knew that with her experience and singular approach, she could help parents and their kids make this easier and even fun. With two amazing success stories under her belt, she decided to become an expert, and be the best that she could be in her new found career and passion.

Holly applied and was invited to attend the Harvard University Institute on College Admissions. She was one of only several to be accepted for the training without a university affiliation.

She also participated in an intensive training at Claremont McKenna College in California with IECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association) and since then, she has maintained a rigorous commitment to enabling her students to achieve the best possible results through a successful admissions record to many of the foremost schools in the country.

After going through the rigors of both her sons’ college acceptance processes and her ensuing professional training, she was ready to help parents and their students be successful in their college application journey as well.


Holly was awarded a full scholarship to study both classical piano and voice. Without taking any standardized tests, she was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music in London based on her audition and her past experience.


Holly has helped hundreds of students reach their college application goals. She uses her creative background and show business savvy to help students stand out from the thousands of other college applicants.

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