What to do if your student has been waitlisted

What to do if your student has been waitlistedYour student has been waitlisted at her/his dream school – now what? It can be frustrating to have to consider the options. Accept the sure thing offer from a less desired school? Take our chances and wait to hear back from Dream School? I have helped waitlisted students get accepted on many occasions, so if your student’s heart is truly set on Dream School, don’t give up. There are steps your student can take to optimize the path to acceptance.

But first, make completely sure that Dream School is worth the extra effort. Would your student actually be just as happy at another school where acceptance was offered? Consider this option carefully as a way to reduce drama and potential disappointment. 

  • If Dream School is indeed the top contender, your student must notify the school ASAP by filling out the required form, and let the school know that if accepted your student will definitely attend.
  • Stay in touch with the school. Have your student find out who the representative for your area is at the school and e-mail them regarding the continued unwavering interest in attending. Also, some schools rank the waitlisted students, and your student may be able to find out if he/she is high on the list.
  • Send any new test scores that are improvements over the ones on file at the school.
  • Keep those grades up. If your student is competing for admission, it is important to show a continued academic diligence.
  • If your student can have a school counselor or teacher contact the school on his or her behalf, with glowing stories about your student and a further confirmation of your student’s desire to attend the school, so much the better!
  • Continue pursuits that are résumé worthy, such as competitions, projects, extracurricular activities, performances, and publications. Notify the school during the event, rather than waiting to see if your student places or wins. Let the school see how active and engaged the student continues to be. And of course if your student does place or win, then let the school know that as well.
  • Request an interview if your student has not had one already.

So, to sum it up… DON’T GIVE UP, AND KEEP TRYING!  I’ve seen good results from this extra effort time and time again.

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